Rheumatic Fever Resources

A range of resources were produced for the Rheumatic Fever Awareness Campaigns (2014–2017). Many of the resource files can be downloaded or viewed online to support your awareness activities, including online videos, radio commercials, pull-up banners, posters, sticker charts, colouring pages and more. A number of the resources are available in Samoan, Tongan and te reo Māori.

Tips for Development

Amending Resources

Within the catalogue there are three kinds of resources:

  1. Resources that may ONLY be used as supplied – ie, they cannot be modified
  2. Resources that may be modified if required, such as adding local provider names and contact details.
  3. Individual elements that may be used to make your own advertising or resources. These are component parts, eg, logo devices.

Indesign files have been made available for resources that may be modified. Indesign files of individual elements that are available for use have also been provided as part of this catalogue. For files that are restricted – ie, no modifications can be made – only pdf files have been provided.

Talent Duty of Care

Much of the strength of the Rheumatic Fever campaign can be credited to the real and very personal stories shared by real families. These stories are precious – they are a taonga from the people themselves and need to be honoured and respected.

We have committed to treasure these families’ stories and images. This means the images will not be made available to providers to use in their own advertising. However, the ready-made posters featuring the Katoa (twin boys) and McQueen (mum and her two sons) families are available for your use. They cannot be altered. This is in keeping with contractual agreements with the families.

The radio stories are also taonga and should be honoured and respected in the same way. Again, these are available for continued use, but only in the forms provided.

If you are considering telling stories from other real people, click here to read about our Talent Duty of Care processes.

Common Questions

Experienced Suppliers

A range of suppliers have worked with HPA to develop these campaigns. You are welcome to contact them to engage their services directly.